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  • A Creative Grandmother

    “I was given a small amount of washing powder by my daughter to try. It was very precious to me so instead of using it for washing clothes, I mixed a little of the powder with water in a spray bottle for cleaning my kitchen, which I always have problem getting thoroughly clear of oil. It turned out to be an amazing degreaser! I now use it to clean my cooker hob, tabletop and even the floor. I have never come across a product that works so well. Not to mention that it is economical and non-toxic. Every household should have this multi-purpose cleaner in their house.”
    Mdm Lau, 70s, Housewife
  • A Concerned Wife

    "I like my household products fragrance-free as I know that most added fragrance are artificial and harmful to health. I'm glad to have found Dinomagic Washing Powder - it is pure, natural and cleans my laundry well. After washing my laundry, I will put them out to sun before storing them away. I love that 'fresh scent of sun'. The bonus is it is also a floor detergent, kitchen and toilet cleaner! I really love this product."
    Mdm Lim, 40s, Designer
  • A Resourceful SAHM

    "When I first received my Dinomagic Washing Powder I was skeptical that something that is natural, has no foam nor fragrance could be any good. I was told that it can be used for cleaning the pan support on my cooker hob, so I put it to test by soaking them in a tub of water with two tablespoons of washing powder overnight.

    The following morning, I was in awe that all the greasy build-up came off effortlessly when I wiped with a sponge! My 15-year-old stove actually looks as good as new! I am glad to have found Dinomagic just before Hari Raya, it is such a great help to me."
    Siti Zanton Bte Qoran, Homemaker
  • A Cat Lover

    “I have three cats and we often have to remove fur around the house. The first time I used the washing powder to mop my floor I was astonished! The water in my pail was black and my floor was squeaky clean like never before, even my mop came out white and clean. I was won over by this product immediately. Please do not make the same mistake as me, I was so excited I added more powder than necessary. A little (1tsp only) goes a long way! Here’s another tip to share – after mopping the floor, pour that pail of water into your toilet bowl then flush. Your toilet bowl will be effortlessly clean! You've got to try it.”
    Yap Yoke Lim, 40s, Business Owner
  • A Loving Mother and Wife

    “I have a one-year-old son. I got this laundry powder with the intention to wash his clothes, as it is natural and baby safe. I was pleasantly surprised when I washed our family’s clothes using the same powder, in the same wash cycle. It totally got rid of the perfume smell from my husband’s shirt! Whether you have children or not, I highly recommend this laundry powder.”
    Rosemary Tan, 40s, Sales Manager