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Fabric Softener

  • How much softener should I use?
    You may refer to our usage instructions here. Typically, a 1.8kg bag is good for 22 full loads.
  • Can I use this as bath salt, foot soak or body scrub?
    Our fabric softener is Epsom Salt based and contains no harmful additives. For complete information on how to use Epsom Salt, kindly refer to the official Epsom Salt Council website. Please note that this product is not food grade.


  • I don’t want to pay for delivery. Can I pick up the items myself?
    We will try to our best to accommodate. Please place your order via our website and contact us at to arrange collection venue and time.
  • Where can I buy your product?
    Our product is currently only available at If you are a retailer interested to carry our products, please contact us at
  • Your products are cheaper than many eco-friendly products in the market. Are they really what you claim them to be?
    It is our mission to ensure that effective, eco-friendly and non-toxic products are accessible and affordable, within a commercially viable framework. Only then can all of us continuously and sustainably play our part to protect our Earth and family at the same time. As a small and new company, we do not enjoy economies of scale yet so we keep our costs low by working with limited resources and a lean team. In the near future, we hope to grow in a way that we can pass on further cost benefits to our customers.
  • Why is there no fragrance in your products?
    Our mission is to deliver products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Therefore, we refrain from artificial additives, including fragrances. You may be interested to know that some of our customers add essential oils such as lavender, rose, lemon or eucalyptus at each wash. This has helped to remove stubborn odour from gym clothes and leave a nice fragrance on their laundry. You may want to experiment at your discretion.

Payment Modes

  • How do I pay for my order?
    You can choose between two (2) ways to pay for your order:
    1. By Internet Banking. Upon placing your order, proceed to make a interbank transfer to our account - DBS Corporate Account 017-904192-9. After the transfer, please inform us at, quoting your order and transaction reference number for us to process your order immediately.
    2. By PayPal. If you already have an existing PayPal account, you can pay using your account. You may also choose to pay using credit card that is NOT already linked to a PayPal account via the PayPal option.


  • How long does it for you to deliver my order?
    With regards to delivery within Singapore, items <2kg will be sent via regular SingPost services. It will take three (3) to five (5) working days from the day your order is mailed. All paid orders will be packed and mailed out on the following working day.

    For orders >2kg, we hand deliver via courier within five (5) working days after your order is paid.

    For delivery outside Singapore, lead time varies from country to country. Please contact us at to find out more.
  • Do you deliver to countries besides Singapore?
    Yes, we do. However, shipping rates differ from country to country. Please contact us directly at for price confirmation.

Washing Powder

  • Besides laundry, what can the washing powder be used for?
    There is a list of household uses on our product page, please click here for more ideas.
  • How much should I use?
    You may refer to our usage direction here. Typically, a 1.5kg bag is good for at least 33 full loads.
  • Is your product colour-safe?
    Yes, it is. However, as with all laundry products, always patch test to be sure and wash light and dark coloured clothes separately.
  • Does your product contain borax?
    No, it does not.